Java 8 Support is Finally Here!   

EpicWorship 1.4.7

  • Java 8 Support
  • New Alert Dialog (Alpha status). Can be found at Live tab -> Backgrounds – > Alert
  • Larger Font size added
  • Minor cosmetic changes

If EpicWorship has blessed you, don’t forget to take us out to lunch…


EpicWorship v1.4.7

Please give an email adress where we should send the download link.



  • basevy

    Praise God.
    How do i add a new bible version which is not offered by Epic Worship Application?

  • Winston Joel Samuel

    i didnt get the link

  • Déia Dias

    nao chega o email pra eu baixar

  • John Masha

    Admin am not getting the link. Ive given my email like 3 times now please assist

  • Eddie Johnson

    Has anyone successfully received the email for the download link? Do you need a place to host this so it is readily available? I am curious why the software is not downloadable, but you have to be sent a link?

    • Christina Pruitt

      it gave me a link to download then if i didn’t want to wait for email. However I’m having issues getting it to load on Windows 10

  • Jackson Gandara

    There are 3 spanish bibles available on opensong…NIV, LBLA AND RV1960…all 3 are XML…The RV 1960 does not open though….i have opened all 3 in notepad to see what the difference is and noticed that the spacing is indeed different on RV 1960…..I wish to use that bible….out of all 3 thats the one i want to use and the one doesnt work lol….

  • Christina Pruitt

    Does this program work with Windows 10? Found the java adjustments for everything but 10 and it keeps throwing java errors when I try to install.

  • Natalie Davenport

    I have provided my email address three times and have not received the link. Do I need to do something else?