EpicWorship is our FREE, Open-Source, High-Quality Church projection and presentation software. Simplicity is the focus of EpicWorship. It is designed to not bog you down with complex User Interfaces and what-not. You can access all the features of EpicWorship very intuitively.

EpicWorship was designed to follow the “Convention over Configuration” way of doing things. Meaning, it lets you easily and quickly achieve the results you would want most of the time without forcing you to configure a whole lot of stuff beforehand. This isn’t just a gimmick with marketing buzz-words, EpicWorship truly lives up to this.

If you’ve ever paid for expensive Church projection software but find out that it is SOOO complex you can only comfortably use 30% of its features, then EpicWorship is for you…and you pay nothing.


  • Quickly and easily enter and Present Songs. Slides are split by a blank line, making for easy copy/paste/presenting of lyrics.
  • Picture or Motion Backgrounds. Motion Video backgrounds support MP4 (H.264-encoded) video files. Other video container formats may work, but are not guaranteed for now.
  • Present any bible scripture in multiple versions. In-built versions include KJV, Amplified, The Message and ESV. Download more from opensong.org
  • Present Video(Mp4, H.264-encoded) and Audio(MP3 or AAC).
  • Schedule a Countdown Video to begin your services in Style with or without your presence
  • Unique ShadowBloom Text rendering effect makes your text stand out no matter the background you are putting it on. You can even choose it’s color.
  • Slick slide transition effects. (defaults for now)
  • SOON HTML5 Web browser projection. Ability to use online javascript/html5 presentation solutions.
Download EpicWorship Like us on Facebook Visit Forum Source code (Github)

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From the Developer

Download EpicWorship Like us on Facebook Visit Forum Source code (Github)

If EpicWorship has blessed you and you would like to show support:


Hello Everyone! I built EpicWorship because I wanted features I couldn’t seem to find anywhere else . . . and because I could =).

As it stands, I have used Epic worship at my place of worship and it has proven itself time and time again.

It is my hope that with this tool, growing churches won’t have to choose between quality and budget when presenting the gospel.

Let’s work together to develop EpicWorship into something truly great. As it is Open-Source, I’m certain that others will join me too.

God Bless!


Iyobo Eki

Twitter: @IyoboEki


How do I run this?

  • Download the EpicWorship Zip file
  • Unzip it somewhere you’ll remember. This then becomes your installation folder
  • On Windows, launch the executable file epicworship.exe.
  • On Mac or Linux, launch the executable JAR file epicworship.jar.

My videos don't display / All I hear is Audio

As of now, EpicWorship only supports MP4 videos encoded using H264 for the video stream and either MP3 or AAC for the audio stream.
Please try using a good video converter to convert your media files.
Also, if you are on Windows XP or Vista, be sure to download and install codecs that allow you to view H264 video.

My videos play, but there is no sound!

First of all, Check the volume.
If you are using Windows, it has the ability to set sound volume per application, so it’s possible that EpicWorship was muted from there.
If that’s not the case, then Be sure the audio streams of what you are playing are encoded with either MP3 or AAC.

My text is too small

We’re adding more text-sizes to EpicWorship.
In the mean time, You can work-around the issue by reducing the screen size of your projector screen (e.g. change to 1024×768 instead of 1920×1080). This should scale out the text accordingly.
Also consider reducing the number of text per page as EpicWorship resizes all text to fit the screen.

My presentation is slow/choppy!

Good looks often come with a price 😉
Most machines used for media projection should be buff.
However, here are some things to try out to improve performance:

  • Reduce the resolution of the screen been projected to and then restart EpicWorship so it recalibrates
  • Try as much as possible to use low resolution image and video assets. e.g opt for a lower resolution of video instead of HD.
  • Do some memory management. Close any applications running on your computer that you don’t need.

If all else fails and it’s still too unbearable, just get a new computer :). Even a low-end machine today (2013) should be able to easily handle EpicWorship. Dual core or more recommended.

For more troubleshooting tips about running JavaFX applications, of which EpicWorship uses extensively, please check HERE or report the issue HERE.


See something that needs fixing/improving?

Be sure to CREATE an issue or feature request.


Wanna Join the Team?

There’s a place for everyone to help: from coding, to release structuring, to testing, and (ESPECIALLY) Documentation so join up and lets build something great together!.

If you’re comfortable with Java/JavaFX and you’ve been looking for your next/first open source project, then look no further. Create a github account and  SEND A REQUEST please!

For Students, hobbyists, or if you are new to programming, Getting involved in this project is a great way to learn the following:

  • Java
  • JavaFX (The future of client-side Java. Get on the train now!)
  • JPA 2.0 (Java Persistence, ORM, using Hibernate)
  • Embedded Databases
  • 3rd-party Integrations
  • 2D/3D Graphics Rendering Concepts
  • HTML5 (Not much done with this yet, but there are ideas on ground. Join and help bring them to fruition)

If EpicWorship has blessed you and you would like to show support:


Download EpicWorship Like us on Facebook Visit Forum Source code (Github)