Mac users can now use the Bible!   

EpicWorship 1.4.8

Fixed a major issue where Mac users were unable to launch the bible dialog.
So major we thought this was, that we felt it needed it’s very own release…because that’s the whole point of EpicWorship.

  • Fixed bible dialog on mac

If EpicWorship has blessed you, don’t forget to take us out to lunch…


EpicWorship v1.4.8

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Alternatively, click here to download.


  • Thomas Dickerson

    Does this software still exist. I cant get a download link to even try it out.

    • Trevdor Games (Trevdor81)

      yes, hit the alternatively link below the place where you put in your email

  • buffonomics

    The email gets sent to your email

  • Fred Milo

    i can’t get the link

  • Mwansa Mulenga

    i cant seem to get link from my email

  • Danil Solovyov

    cant get a link

  • buffonomics
  • Carlos Sampaio

    This software is sensational. Thank you for existing Iyobo Eki.

  • Trevdor Games (Trevdor81)

    When is the countdown app going to be added? when is a new update available?

  • Trevdor Games (Trevdor81)

    When is the next version coming out? I NEED ANWERS PEOPLE!!!!

  • buffonomics
  • Leonard Siebu

    Thank you Eki your work is amazing.